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Exclusive Nanotechnology Filtration 

from New Zealand

Electron microscope image of nanofibres capable of capturing toxic particles as small as .03 microns. Tested under strict laboratory conditions, MetaMask's exclusive nano-coco-carbon filtration captures 99.99% of all particulates at PM2.5 with up to 97% capture at PM0.3. See a Report HERE.

We're INSPIRED to create the world's most comfortable, stylish and efficient Air Pollution Facemask so you and millions of others can Breathe Beautifully..

MetaMask combines Italian design with NZ innovation, natural, organic & sustainable materials and features an exclusive nano-coco-carbon matrix filter that provides maximum protection from all types of pollution.

Revolution Fibres is a world-leading New Zealand nanotech company and our close partner, developing advanced filtration solutions to provide the highest protection possible.

Nanofibers are incredibly small fibres – thousands of times thinner than a human hair. Nanofibers form spiderweb-like structures which have an advantage over conventional or even natural fibres due to their massive surface area, large pore numbers and tiny pore size.


Because of this, nanofibers capture much smaller particles than comparative synthetic or natural materials, achieving greater efficiency especially in the 0.3 to 1.0 micron range (gasses, diesel, pathogens). Lower pressure drops are also observed in nanofiber filters, allowing for greater breathability as the substrate material behind the nanofiber can be incredibly breathable whilst the nanofiber achieves the filtration effects.










The unique combination of naturally produced coconut shell carbon and nanofiber matrix allows an extremely thin membrane that prevents up to 99.99%* of toxic airborne pollution including dust, ash, smoke, pollen, odours, fumes, exhaust, moulds, bacteria, spores and pathogens.


Due to an extremely high 'capture index', MetaMasks can be confidently worn in mild to severely polluted conditions. For technical information, click HERE.

Crystal Infused Protection

Flower of Life Style

For our more enlightened customers we offer Sacred Geometry ‘Flower of Life’ motif Metamasks using gold and crystal infused eco-friendly inks on sustainably grown TENCEL fabric made from Eucalyptus. Research studies have proven that a subtle energetic field emanates from this matrix which may have a protective and empowering effect on the individual wearing it.


Air pollution is responsible for 8,000,000 or more deaths per year.

Up to 24,000 men, women and children every day!

Metmask Features & Benefits

  • Exclusive certified nanofiltration material 

  • Natural coconut shell carbon matrix

  • 99.99% filtration of particulates at PM2.5

  • Fashionable for style-conscious citizens

  • Protection from volcanic conditions

  • Adjustable / elastic ear loops

  • Chin wrap for a secure fit (eg. beards)

  • Quick to put on, comfortable to wear

  • Bamboo fabric with natural plant dyes

  • Sustainably made in Bali

Bali Fashion 2018

Look to East Trends Annual Awards

In collaboration with fabric and fashion designer Andika Tarum, we introduced a new range of 100% organic facemasks using natural dyes including indigo, mahogany and mango skin. Special thanks to designer Andi for being the first to bring Metamasks onto the high fashion catwalk!

5-Star Customer Reviews

I just received my masks today. The material is quite beautiful and the lining is very comfortable. I was able to test it outside in our chilly winter air with all the car exhaust in a high traffic area. I wasn't able to smell any of it and also noticed that my face wasn't as frozen with it on and there was no moisture clinging inside like with some masks. I highly recommend it and can't wait to see everything coming out in 2019!

 – Carol L, USA

I tested the mask on our Singapore streets which are very polluted and I could not smell the exhaust of the passing vehicles. Really wonderful products! Please update me on your masks regularly!

 – Thomas W, Singapore

Amazing product, a real blessing to wear in the city! I am recommending to my family and friends. Thank you for saving lives!

 – Wonder G, New York

I wear my Metamask whenever I go out as I have chemical sensitivity.. being able to BREATHE safely gives me a sense of freedom I haven't felt in a very long time. People always ask me about the mask and I'm happy to recommend Metamask. It feels great to help other people discover this freedom as I have. Thanks so much!

 – Deborah E, UT

My area is being extensively geo-engineered. Rarely am I seeing blue skies. One day of blue sky leads to planes crisscrossing the sky with trails and then boom; white cloudy skies again. Sometimes several days back to back. I ride my bike to work daily and gulp tons of air due to steady elevating streets. I purchased these to ride to and from on heavy spray days to keep myself from breathing in whatever the hell they are spraying. Soft, comfortable, breathable and fashionable. Only wish I didn't need one!

– Luz M, USA

The mask looks beautiful and fits perfectly. It was shipped quickly and arrived sooner than expected. Very happy customer!!! 

– Red M,UK

I love that the entire mask is adjustable, even better than the Cambridge type you can get off Amazon! It does a great job filtering out smoke and it helps with my severe lung sensitivity. I have asthma and this mask has literally been a life saver! Since getting this mask, I have not been going to my inhaler NEARLY as often! A+ product and seller! Sincere THANKS!

– Greg P, Australia

This mask truly helps improve my breathing in tough environments! And it looks awesome!

                                                                                 – Monica C, USA

Non toxic premium quality like no other face mask I've tried. The seller is very genuine, made a mistake by sending the wrong size, then shipped another one in the correct size for free. Highly recommend this product and service. Thank you!                                                                                              

 – Soul Therapy, USA

Very soft and comfortable! I bought for a friend and it's made his life much more comfortable! Built very well.


– BB, India​

Redefining Pollution Protection

People & Planet Friendly

We encourage sustainable consumer habits and fashion-forward ambitions.

Our embedded nanofibre filters are comprised of micro-activated coconut shell carbon bonded to a nano polymer matrix offering superior breathability and an impenetrable barrier to pollutants.

Hypoallergenic super soft organic bamboo lining provides natural antibacterial, antimicrobial protection.

Smooth on your face, long-lasting, easily cleaned and simply maintained, we use organic, natural and sustainable textiles whenever possible.

Suitable for health conscious consumers and those affected by allergies, chemical sensitivities and sensitive lungs.

Metamask Primal.png
Yani Final Silk Road copy.jpg
Fashion & Function


Metamask aspires to create a perfect balance between practical protection and stylish design.

Blending Italian design & New Zealand technical innovation, Metamasks strive for the highest possible protection.



  • Highly breathable under all conditions including tropics

  • Chin wrap for secure wearing (eg beards) for dependable air-seal

  • Growing collections of colours, textures, styles & accessories

  • 99.99% protection against all types of pollution (at PM2.5)

  • A fashion-forward statement

  • Available as permanent 1-time use (200 hrs) and replaceable filter masks (available mid 2019)

  • More comfortable than any mask

  • Highest quality manufacturing

Promoting New Zealand Innovation!

We are dedicated to helping millions of people BREATHE BEAUTIFULLY! 

Join our worldwide community of Health & Style-Conscious Customers,

Partners & Friends. Spread the word and help set a new fashion standard!

Join the Clean Air Revolution!

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