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Organic & Reusable Face Mask

Celebrating our 5th anniversary

What The Media Is Saying...

The mask of a lifetime! With more than 129 billion single-use face masks being disposed of monthly, the adoption of the reusable face covering is become less of a suggestion and more of a dire necessity to  protect our planet.

Air Pollution Mask

Reusable air pollution face mask with replacement nano filter  technology from green New Zealand. Italian design, organic & eco-friendly fabrics.

Metamasks feature Italian unisex design, New Zealand technological innovation and superb Balinese craftsmanship. Blending natural, organic & sustainable materials with an exclusive nano-coco-carbon™ filter that provides maximum protection from all types of pollution. 

Crystal Infused Protection

Cosmic Geometry

Crystal Infused eco-friendly ink printed 'Flower of Life' mask, made with sustainably grown TENCEL fabric made from Eucalyptus. The flower of life is a geometrical shape composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles arranged in a flower like pattern. The Flower of Life is one of the basic sacred geometry shapes.


Stylish Protection

People & Planet Friendly

We encourage sustainable consumer habits and fashion-forward ambitions.

Our embedded and replaceable nanofibre filters are comprised of micro-activated coconut shell carbon bonded to a nano polymer matrix offering superior breathability and an impenetrable barrier to pollutants.

Hypoallergenic super soft organic cotton lining provides natural antibacterial, antimicrobial protection.

Smooth on your face, long-lasting, easily cleaned and simply maintained, we use organic, natural and sustainable textiles whenever possible.

Suitable for health-conscious consumers and those affected by allergies, chemical sensitivities and sensitive lungs.

Face Mask Hemp bali organic

Promoting New Zealand Innovation!

Fashion & Function


Metamasks aspires to create a perfect balance between practical protection and stylish design. Blending Italian design & New Zealand technical innovation, Metamasks strive for the highest possible protection, offering:

  • Highly breathable under all conditions including heat & tropics

  • Chin wrap for secure wearing (eg beards) for an airtight seal

  • Wide collections of colors, textures, styles & accessories

  • Full protection against all types of pollution

  • A fashion-forward statement

  • Embedded or replaceable filters offer up to 200 hrs use.

  • Ultra comfortable contour-fit that prevents air-leaks

  • Highest quality manufacturing


Take care of yourself, your loved ones and our planet

100,000+ Happy Customers

Starry Night face masks
$34.95  (≈ AU$48.20)

Bali  Fashion

Look to East Trends Annual Awards

In collaboration with fabric and fashion designer Andika Tarum, we introduced a new range of 100% organic facemasks using natural dyes including indigo, mahogany and mango skin. Special thanks to designer Andi for being the first to bring Metamasks onto the high fashion catwalk!

Made For  Everyone, Everywhere

Reusable and washable air pollution face mask with replacement filter technology

from green New Zealand. Italian design, organic & eco-friendly fabrics from Indonesia.

On the GO

Air Pollution is THE MAJOR CAUSE of death and lung disease on the planet.

At  Work

People work long shifts. A breathable and comfortable mask makes it a good experience.

At Home

The SARS-CoV-2 virus can be spread by people who do not have symptoms and do not know that they are infected. Protect your family.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I just received my masks today. The material is quite beautiful and the lining is very comfortable. I was able to test it outside in our chilly winter air with all the car exhaust in a high traffic area. I wasn't able to smell any of it and also noticed that my face wasn't as frozen with it on and there was no moisture clinging inside like with some masks. I highly recommend it and can't wait to see everything coming out in 2019!

Carol L, USA

 I wear my Metamask whenever I go out as I have chemical sensitivity.. being able to BREATHE safely gives me a sense of freedom I haven't felt in a very long time. People always ask me about the mask and I'm happy to recommend Metamask. It feels great to help other people discover this freedom as I have. Thanks so much!

Deborah E, UTc

Your mask is the most comfortable I have ever worn. In recent years I used Vogmask and Cambridge masks, both are a far cry from the comfort and fit of Metamask! I am recommending your excellent products to friends and acquaintances here in Chiangmai & Bangkok. Best wishes towards a successful business.

Karl  P, Chiangmai Thailand

Why People Choose Metamasks


How a Mask Fits Can Be as Important as What It's Made Of 

The most important feature of a face mask is proper fitting. Finding the right size for both adults and kids is essential to achieve proper protection. We offer the exact size for every age, style and face shape.


Having trouble breathing while wearing a mask is common. Feel
the difference with our unique super 
fine nano filter technology from New Zealand. Full-spectrum protection in a wafer thin filter that allows incredibly easy breathing.


We design masks that are eco & human friendly. We use the best quality materials, and whenever possible native plant dyed fabrics. Our fabrics are suitable for people with allergy, respiratory conditions and cause no harm to the users and to nature as well.

We are dedicated to helping millions of people 


Join our worldwide community of Health & Style-Conscious Customers,

Partners & Friends. Spread the word and help set a new fashion standard!


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