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surprise... MetaMasks 👌

...When I asked VogMask and Metamasks who certifies organic cotton in their masks, Metamask was the only one that replied and emailed me its certificate, which was from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Its website posted lab results on how its masks capture bacteria, viruses, and pathogens at 0.3+ microns. And it lists the manufacturer of its nanotech, plastic polypropylene, and carbon filter...

BY Jessian Choy | SEP 18 2020 on SIERRA CLUB.

Full article HERE.


Delivering the new Metamasks for kids

to Ibu Robin, CNN

hero of the year. 


The Bumi Sehat health team wearing  newly donated metamasks

Fashion air pollution mask_edited.jpg

High Fashion Metamasks debuts at Indo Show

In collaboration with fabric & fashion designer Andika Tarum, Metamasks are featured at the Look to East Trends Annual Awards Bali Fashion Show in 2018. We launched a new range of 100% organic face masks – featuring hand-spun, hand-woven, hand-dyed with natural plant dyes such as indigo, mahogany, and mango skin. Special thanks to designer Andi for being the first designer to bring Metamasks onto the high fashion catwalk!

Going to Burning Man?Remember to Pack a Stylish Facemask!

As air quality becomes a major concern for health-savvy consumers, demand for a practical yet playful accessory is growing. Metamask blends fashion with function to create a new accessory for Burning Man and other global festivals. From The New York Time August 1, 2019

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