Coronavirus Protection

The aggressive outbreak of Coronavirus is a very real threat to health for all of us, regardless of where your live and where you're travelling. It is critical to take precaution against this virulent pathogen by wearing a suitable facemask, one that CAPTURES these minute but powerful bugs. At the very least a paper mask will give some protection but to be most secure from inhaling the microscopic viruses use a nanofilter which is FAR SMALLER than the virus itself

Going to Burning Man?Remember to Pack a Stylish Facemask!

As air quality becomes a major concern for health savvy consumers, demand for a practical yet playful accessory is growing. Metamask blend fashion with function to create a new accessory for Burning Man and other global festivals. From The New York Time August 1, 2019

High Fashion Metamasks debuts at Indo Show

In collaboration with fabric & fashion designer Andika Tarum, Metamasks are featured at the Look to East Trends Annual Awards Bali Fashion Show in 2018. We launched a new range of 100% organic face masks – featuring hand-spun, hand-woven, hand-dyed with natural plant dyes such as indigo, mahogany and mango skin. Special thanks to designer Andi for being the first designer to bring Metamasks onto the high fashion catwalk!

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