"BelAir" Full Pkg* Face Mask w/ Replaceable Filter. Indigo Blue Natural dye

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Brand: Metamasks
Gender: Unisex
Age Group: Adult
Color: Blue/White

BelAir Face Mask Replaceable Filter FULL PKG*


BelAir with Replaceable Filter Mask The New BelAir Mask from Metamask is currently one of the most fashionable masks on the market. The mask hugs the silhouette of the face perfectly with its eco-friendly organic cotton. Every BelAir mask is made in Bali and has a unique hand-spun distressed design.

Step out in fashion-forward confidence with Metamasks Nano-Filter technology.
Whether you’re protecting yourself from pollution or following current health protocols, Metamasks will keep you styling wherever you go.

*The BelAir mask Full Package includes:
  • 1 Piece Mask with Replaceable Filter Feature
  • 3 Set Replacement Filter (one already inside the mask) each filter lasts up to 200 hours or 2 months depending on the environmental condition.
  • 3 Pieces Nose Pads
  • 1 Instruction Card
  • Neck Strap (Choose one of our designs)
  • Extra 4 set Replacement filter including 4 Pieces Nose Pad (outside packaging)
  • Extra Nose Pad 5 pieces (outside packaging)

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BelAir is hand-made and naturally dyed from Bali native trees, bushes, herbs, and flowers. Most suitable for people with sensitivity to allergens & chemicals, or suffering from pulmonary diseases. Great for children and seniors. Also protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation, toxic chemicals, or prolonged exposure to heat, cold, and sun.

Woven Cotton is a natural & luxurious fiber made from 100% cotton, Natural dye indigo blue, requiring no chemicals or harsh processing. Cotton keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, with a natural hand-made woven pattern. Inside lining with organic cotton textile. Every mask is completely handcrafted and sustainably made in Bali.

MetaMasks features a proprietary Nano-coco-carbon matrix from New Zealand – an extremely thin nanotechnology filter providing exceptional breathability from pollutants.

Our embedded and replaceable Nanofibre filters are comprised of micro-activated coconut shell carbon bonded to a Nano polymer matrix offering superior breathability and an impenetrable barrier to pollutants.

Material: 100% Hand-made Woven Cotton / Organic Cotton Inner Lining

Color: Plant dye Blue Indigo

Print: Distressed fabric

Fit: Adjustable ear loops & chin wrap.

Feature: Replaceable Filter

Replaceable Filter Feature

Metamasks’ proprietary replaceable filter mechanism has been fully re-engineered for perfect form-fitting, safety, and ease of use. With Metamasks' unique replaceable filter system, the inner lining never touches the mouth even when inhaling. This safety feature is crucial in this time of health crisis.

The package includes 3 sets of Nano filters; one set of filters is already in place so you can start using it as soon as you unpacked your mask.

Click here to buy the replacement filter

How To Replace Filter in Less Than 2 Minutes

Please watch the video below:


• Advanced nanotechnology filtration from New Zealand
• Easy Replaceable Filters. include 3 sets of filters for up to a year of usage
• Suitable for sensitivity to allergens & chemicals Natural linen outer
• Adjustable ear loops
• Nose Clip & Nose Pad for mask
• Super thin face mask
• Chin wrap for secure fit and effective air seal
• Organic cotton inside lining for soft & comfortable wear
• Antibacterial & Hypoallergenic materials
• Perfect for commuting, travel, airplanes, outdoor and daily use
• Filters out smoke, dust, ash, exhaust, toxins, pollens, pathogens, odor

• Especially suited for allergen & chemical sensitivities


Please see instructions in the picture below or click HERE

Life Cycling

Depending on the environmental condition and frequency of use Metamasks. One Filter can last from 2 months (200 hours).

To check the AQI (Air Quality Index) of your town, area, or region, click HERE.


(Limited to USA, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia)

Estimated delivery time 2 to 3 weeks

(total after discount US$47 and above, extra Charge US $5 for Europe, NZ)

Estimated delivery time 5 to 8 Business Days

Care Instruction

  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Hand wash with water temperature
  • Hang Dry
  • For washing instructions please click HERE


Due to Health Regulations, respiratory masks are personal items and may not be exchanged or returned for resale. Masks will be replaced only if defective in materials or construction. Please consider your order carefully before placing it.

This style is hand-made with natural Linen, colors & tones may vary from the photo shown.

Due to natural coloring, the color on the mask may fade after washing.


We guarantee the effective filtering of pollution conditions when used correctly, however, MetaMasks is not medically proven to prevent illness or disease

How To Fit Your Mask

Please watch the video below:

Customer Service

Shall you need further assistance or have some questions before ordering, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service via:

(We are located in Bali, Indonesia, and office business hours might be different from your country of origin therefore e-mail might be the best way to reach us).

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