Replacement Nano Filters.

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REPLACEMENT NANO-FILTERS Work only with masks that feature Replaceable Filter Mask and are designed to match your chosen mask size.

Our exclusive NZ-made nanotechnology filters meet international standards of safety equivalent to P2, N95, AS/NZ1716 – providing maximum protection in moderate to extreme conditions, capturing 99+% of smoke, dust, ash, exhaust, allergens, odours, fumes, bacteria, viruses and pathogens. (

Downloads the most recent (June 2020) testing from Nelson lab Viral Filtration Efficiency - Bacterial Filtration Efficiency - Latex Particle Challenge_2)

Our air-tight contour-fitting, Italian design range of replaceable filter masks protect you and your family no matter the season or pollution conditions. Stay SAFE, be CONFIDENT, Breathe Beautifully!

Filter packs are available for replaceable filter masks in 4, 8 and 12 quantities. Each pair of filters (left & right) perform up to 200 hours then should be replaced for maximum efficiency.

Please note: at the moment, because of the coronavirus and scarcity on international flights, we can only ship via express mail which cost around US$20 (depending on which country you are from). We apologize for the extra expenses but it does not depend on us. We hope we will be able to offer FREE shipping again very soon.

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